Lena Dunham Plays the Fool, Once Again

According to feminist icon Lena Dunham, yet another common expression is actually really a super-sexist one: ‘too much information,’ or ‘TMI.’

In fact, Dunham said she finds the expression so offensive that it’s her ‘least favorite phrase.’

—Katherine Timpf, NRO: Lena Dunham: The Expression ‘TMI’ Is Sexist

Lena Dunham’s public statements, writing, and scarcity of cloth on screen are TMI. How this child ever reached the point of being taken seriously defies all reason.

I’ve heard the phrases “TMI” and “oversharing” plenty of times, applied to both men and women. If she associates with people who use it primarily to criticize women, then she should associate with better people. Rather, I suspect she has a nasty habit of over-sharing too much information and lacks the mental ability to accept that she has acted inappropriately. It can’t be anything she did wrong. It must be people who react negatively towards her inappropriate behavior. Considering the nature of her upbringing by ultra-rich exhibitionist artists, I’d say she was assembled by these people, who then pulled the pin on her and tossed her out into the world.

Dunham’s frequent use of the feminist/SJW card, asserting that certain words “offend” her, simply takes the tactic of turning words into thoughtcrimes to its logical conclusion. I doubt she’s truly offended, but she’s learned to play that card to control others.


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